Headquarters of Operation Cobra

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Love is…

It’s a pity she doesn’t know how to love very well.

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Gotta Go guys!

Mom’s taking me to dinner and we’re gonna go see Wreak it Ralph!

I can’t wait!

So I’ll see you guys tomorrow and maybe this time you’ll get to see me ride the horse Grandpa gave me. 

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❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ (Missed you so much)

((Missed you too! Have to say I missed RPing Once stuff (kinda got sucked into Supernatural RPing) and I’m so glad to be back! *huggles*

I propose when we are done with RP-ing the ‘Hide and Seek’ thread we should do a thread with your Regina where the girls are trying to help Henry with homework or something. ;p ))

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Reblog if you don’t control your muses, you just type for them.





brb sobbing at this adorableness

Now look what his bio says, I’m dying.

this is so cute im gonna cry omg

I legitimately brought my hands to my face and squeaked at the adorableness of this.

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Hanging around the Stables// Open RP, Open to Everyone!!

It was another day after school that Henry found himself in the stables. He had just cleaned his trusty steed’s hay and now he found himself brushing and combing his long mane. 

He hadn’t heard him say anything just yet but at least the horse wasn’t jumping at shadows now thanks to… well whatever it was that happened a few days ago. Henry wondered who else was here as he left the stall, closing the door to put up the brush and wait for his grandpa to pick him up up front, reading a little bit of his homework as he waited. 

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"Hey! I’m Henry. What’s your name?"

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regalknight replied to your post: Headcanon-
This is win.

((Thanks! I kinda couldn’t help it. I read this adorable swanqueen drabble which featured Regina watching Henry play Kingdom Hearts and Emma laughing a little at Regina’s opnion of it. Ever since then I could see Henry being a little bit of a gamer. XDD))

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"Hey Henry."

"Grace?" Henry said, his hazel eyes wide. "How did you get so tall?!"

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Anonymous said:

Henry and Other Man who answers Questions! How do you feel about Dean with your mom/ Emma. Also what are your feelings on these new girls who are popping up and sniffing around dean?

Well… I kinda hope he goes for my mom since she really lights up around him and I really think that maybe there may be a connection between them. But that’s all up to my mom and Dean. 

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